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3-Feathers Construction

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Heartland Fab Native American Owned

3-Feathers Construction is a professional reinforcing steel placement contractor serving the Midwest. The company was founded by Mike Hudson in 2009…probably one of the worst times to start a construction company. The Great Recession was in full force and construction was at an all-time low across the country.

Not one to be discouraged, Mike recognized an opportunity to enter the reinforcing steel placement market at this most difficult time and teamed up with his long-time friend and business associate, Mark Martin. Together they pursued and successfully won a number of lucrative contracts which eventually propelled them to where they are today, recognized as the “go to” guys for ironworking and reinforcing steel placement.

Economic adversity aside, successfully launching a company during a difficult time is a testimony to the perseverance and strength of the founder. One year before 3-Feathers began, three very close family members were killed in accidents This crippling blow, still felt a year later, strengthened Mike’s resolve to grow the company. Dedicated to memorialize his daughter, niece and brother, the Native American meaning behind the company logo speaks to both loss and rebirth: the loss of his family and birth and growth of his business.

As a Native American-owned construction company specializing in reinforcing steel placement on major concrete projects, 3-Feathers Construction is recognized by Kansas City, Missouri, the MidAmerica Supplier Development Council and the State of Missouri as a minority business enterprise. The Kansas City Department of Transportation, the Missouri Department of Transportation and Kansas City, Missouri recognize 3-Feathers as a disadvantaged business enterprise.

There could be room for cost savings while maintaining quality on your current parts. The best way to assure you are getting the most for your money is to contact us today. Do you have a government contract? Are you looking for a subcontractor? Utilize our Native American owned company and receive incentives from the government!

Exceptional Customer Service

Well-trained, loyal, devoted long-term employees

Work closely with steel suppliers to ensure best material pricing.

On-Time Competitive Bids

Certifications aside, 3-Feathers  consistently provides subcontracting  services of the highest quality. The  markets served by 3-Feathers  Construction include: